Well if you really want to know...

......from humble beginnings to famed sweetie personalities*

(*Ok, might be taking things a little too far)

But it IS true to say that from where I started as a budding young actor to now a balding old entrepreneur, life has seen many liquorice twists & turns.
So the acting didn’t quite turn out as I hoped; it was always fun to tell people I had appeared in Grange Hill and The Bill only to find out that everyone else had as well.
Skip a couple of decades and I find myself contemplating opening an old-fashioned sweet shop but the thought of being in one place, waiting for the door to swing open every day filled me with dread and I decided, actually we decided, myself and my other half Ruth, to take the concept on the road to market towns.
We had nearly 150 Jars of sweets, handmade fudge and of course - liquorice. With the help of a specialist wholesaler, our journey began, along with our love affair with the salty, oily, fruity chewiness that is liquorice. The stall was a success and we branched out into the world of festivals and for ten years myself, Ruth, then 1 then 2 kids and an array of merry staff journeyed across the UK.

With the arrival of the dreaded covid, everything stopped and we, like many, had decisions to make. Let’s go online and sell our sweets.
Our project, 'Letterbox Sweets' and  'Letterbox Liquorice' was born and once we were specialising, it was such a joy to discover an even bigger array of liquorice!
We made it our mission to bring the very finest and very best selection of confectionery to our beloved and loyal customer base always with a focus on good quality, real and authentic liquorice and sweets. 

We have so many plans for even more sweet adventures and we do hope you'll join us for the journey!